Custom Software Development

Why custom software development?

Every business can do things more efficiently. Automating time consuming tasks, or creating tools to help you do those tasks better are what we are about. There is a lot of good software out there, but often it does not quite fit your unique business needs.

But doesn’t custom software cost an arm and a leg?

Like anything else, if software development is not well planned it can be expensive. We are not here to grab as much money from you as we can, we are here to create software solutions to help your business. By using or customizing open source software that is already available, or to scale down projects we can work within your budgets. We can also work within monthly budgets, or license software on a monthly basis to help your cashflow. If your needs overlap with other businesses or we can see opportunities to sell to others, we can also reduce your costs/licensing and if its profitable enough share the rewards with you.

What software can you develop?

We can create a software solution, no matter what platform you use. Windows, Linux, Mac, Mobile – we can do it. We can integrate our software with any open API, so your different software products can communicate with each other.

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