JSON Tools

JSON Tools

Project Home: https://bitbucket.org/bernd_summerswell/jsontools
Download: https://bitbucket.org/bernd_summerswell/jsontools/downloads/JSONTools_1.

This was created using the Synopse mORMot library, SynEdit component and JEDI components. Source code is available in the GIT repository.

JSON Tools is an application to visualise JSON data. Often you get RAW JSON data from an API or as debug text (if you are using the awesome logging from mORMOt), and want to explore this data more easily. From viewing the entire JSON object as a treeview to showing arrays (often results from a database query) as a DB Grid.






Format JSON
Format your RAW JSON as human readable.
View as Treeview
View the JSON data as a Treeview. This shows the datatype, number of items in arrays etc.
Grid View
If the JSON data is a list, you can also see it in a grid view.


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